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Sisi Noir Métal Montures de lunettes de vue
Sisi Noir Métal Montures de lunettes de vue d'EyeBuyDirect, Vue de Face Sisi Noir Métal Montures de lunettes de vue pour Femmes d'EyeBuyDirect Sisi Noir Métal Montures de lunettes de vue d'EyeBuyDirect, Vue de Côté Sisi Noir Métal Montures de lunettes de vue d'EyeBuyDirect, Vue d'Angle Sisi Noir Métal Montures de lunettes de vue d'EyeBuyDirect, Vue Rapprochée Sisi Noir Métal Montures de lunettes de vue d'EyeBuyDirect, with Tinted Lenses review album

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Lunettes De Vue Sisi

42 €
price includes 1.5 index prescription lenses
Grand (5515-140 )
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À propos de Sisi

In Black, Sisi's cateye lens shape and metal wire frame give it an irresistably trendy silhouette. Be prepared to strut your best with this classic-inspired hit.



  • Taille: Grand | 5515-140
  • Couleur: Noir
  • Poids : Légèreté (14g)
  • Les montures EBD sont pesées sans les verres. Les montures légères ont un poids égal ou inférieur à 15 grammes. Les autres montures ont un poids égal ou supérieur à 16 grammes.

  • Matériau : metal
  • Forme: Cat Eye
  • Monture: Lunettes de vue cerclées
  • Autres caractéristiques: charnières à ressort
  • Revêtement anti-rayures

Pas sûr de votre taille ? Guide des tailles
  • Sisi Noir Métal Montures de lunettes de vue d'EyeBuyDirect screw screw
  • Sisi Noir Métal Montures de lunettes de vue d'EyeBuyDirect screw
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4.8 overall score

Note globale

  • Jessica B. O. - Rose Gold - horn - metal
  • Becca S. - Black - horn - metal
  • Lynne T. A. - Black - horn - metal
  • Tracey C. - Black - horn - metal
  • Michelle W. - Black - horn - metal
  • angela P. - Black - horn - metal
  • Alicia - Black - horn - metal
  • malu.merseberg - Black - horn - metal
  • Hanalora S. - Black - horn - metal
  • Tristan M. - Black - horn - metal
  • tiffanyspencer1983 - Black - horn - metal
  • Margo R. - Black - horn - metal
  • Christina J. - Rose Gold - horn - metal
  • Cali G. - Rose Gold - horn - metal
  • REBECA A. - Rose Gold - horn - metal
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  • "Gold, not Rose Gold"
    Qualité 5.0 Style 5.0 Ajustement 5.0

    I am a fan of the Sisi frame and have it in both colors. I only took off one star because what is advertised as "Rose Gold" is actually Gold. Look closely at the pictures of the frames on the models and on other people before ordering. Overall, I am very happy with the quality and service from eyebuydirect and am keeping my Gold Sisi glasses, as well as my Black ones.

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    Jessica B. O. - Rose Gold - horn - metal
    0 utile
  • "Cute!"

    They are definitely bigger than I was expecting but I like them a lot! They also tilt forward which is not necessarily an issue but it's just an interesting characteristic of these frames.

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    Becca S. - Black - horn - metal
    23 utile
  • "Perfect low-bridge frames! Possibly my best frames ever!"

    This will be a long review, but I hope not TL, DR. I’m just so happy I’ve discovered All the articles and advice about how to select frames, lenses, face shape, et al., were invaluable. The try-on feature is a godsend. Plus, my glasses were so inexpensive compared to what I’d always received at brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores, I bought a backup pair! I need to mention this, because this turned out to be key: I’m part Asian, meaning I inherited a nonstandard facial bone structure. I only realized this year that I needed a low-bridge frame, something that I’d never before heard of. 32 years is a very long time to wear glasses that forever slide down one’s face no matter how much I tweaked the arms and nose pieces. None of the sales associates in the past 32 years had ever thought of recommending low-bridge frames for me despite my issues with having glasses stay in place on my face. But to be fair, maybe frame manufacturers hadn’t made such frames until recently. So, I had always thought I just didn’t have a face suited for glasses, yet I’m squeamish about putting contact lenses in my eyes, so I dealt with it. Newly informed, I selected the features I wanted on I fell in love with the Sisi. I’ve worn semi-rimless rectangles for years, but had always longed to try a cat-eye frame. I bought it in basic black, then decided the price was so reasonable and the frames so flattering, I went for it and bought the rose gold too. As another reviewer mentioned, the rose gold is a bit more gold than rose, but you can still see the rose in there. My prescription is perfect. My frames are perfect. I only adjusted the frames once they arrived in the mail & never had to tweak them again! They are lightweight and *stay put on my face*, thank you, deity! I will buy from for the rest of my life, and will tell my glasses-wearing family and friends too. Having eyeglasses that fit just right is a *huge*

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    Lynne T. A. - Black - horn - metal
    21 utile
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